Curriculum Vitae

Sacha Lobenstein was born in Puerto de la Cruz (Canary Islands, Spain). He studied image and sound, currently working as graphic designer in the island of Tenerife. He started diving in 2008 and, fascinated by the seabed beauty, he quickly decides to take an underwater camera on his dives and combine scuba diving with his other great passion; photography. In 2010, he created ““, a blog where he publishes and shares his underwater images and experiences at sea.

He has won the Jury Prize at the Second H2Ocean Contest of the National Geographic magazine (Barcelona, ​​2019) and the Best Aquatic Photographer award at the First National Biodiversity Festival (Canary Islands, 2015).

He regularly takes part in regional and national championships and belongs to the Underwater Photography Spanish National Team (2019). He has won sport titles such as Champion of Spain (2017), Champion of the Canary Islands (2017), three times runner-up of the Canary Islands (2014, 2015, 2017 ) and five times Champion of Tenerife (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2019). In these competitions, he has won national awards such as the best wide angle photo with a model (Mazarrón, 2014), the best close-up (Sant Feliu de Guixols, 2015), thematic “close-up” gold medal (Tenerife, 2017), wide angle with diver gold medal (Tenerife, 2017), wide angle Silver medal (Tenerife, 2017), fish Close-up Bronze medal (Tenerife, 2017) and wide angle with diver Gold medal (Cabo de Palos, 2018).

He is the winner of various underwater photography contests such as: IV Open Fotosub Online “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida” (2019), VII Open Fotosub Lanzarote Mar de Lava (2016), Open Fotosub Tenerife-Güimar (2015), Open FotoSub Isla de La Gomera (2014 and 2015), Open Fotosub San Blas (2013), Open Fotosub San Marcos (2013) and Open Fotosub Villa de Arico (2012). He has won special prizes such as the best macro photo and best «Fifty-fifty» photo at the Open Fotosub Lanzarote Mar de Lava (Lanzarote, 2013 and 2015), or the bronze medal in the «Macro Unrestricted» category in the international competition. “Our World Underwater” (, 2015).

He regularly contributes with his photographs with publications such as diving guides, tourist guides, research papers, doctoral theses or diving and underwater photography specialized magazine covers. He has participated in the NaturaJazz cycles organized by the Museum of Nature and Man of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019).

He is co-author of the Canary Islands Fish Guide, a guide with photos, texts and illustrations of the main 202 species of fish that live between 0-50m deep in the Canarian coasts.

He is Nauticam ambassador, brand of Underwater cases and also member of Cressi Team Spain, sponsored by the Cressi prestigious brand of diving equipment.